The Secretariat is appointed to assist the ECGFF Chairmanship in the delivery of their duties to plan and prepare the next Plenary Conference and to further objectives of the Forum. The Secretariat is led by the Member State responsible for the Chairmanship and forthcoming Plenary Conference. The Secretariat contains representatives from the previous, present, and upcoming chairs for continuity purposes. The term in Secretariat begins two years before the respective Chairmanship and ends four years after. After four years since a Chairmanship, that Member State leaves one's position in the Secretariat rotation or seek future Chairmanship. The Secretariat meets at least three times per year, usually as a back-to-back meeting in advance or after the workshops. The Secretariat has a coordinator role with the implementation of the action plan.

The Standing Secretariat is composed of representatives from Portugal, the current chairing member state, from Kingdom of Belgium, last chairing member state, and four former chairing member states, namely Croatia, Germany, Italy and France.